Our pendants are made from solid 925 sterling silver and there are many different types available for you to be able to make the perfect choice. We have gemstone pendants, carved ox bone pendants, shell pendants, crystal pendants, locket pendants and beautifully designed pendants made from only solid sterling silver. 

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  • Cremation, Memorial...

    Cremation pendants are a unique place to keep the ashes of your loved one close to your heart. Global Silver Factory has a large range of cremation pendants made from solid 925 sterling silver. Depending on the model, our cremation pendants are available with or without gemstones.
    Cremation jewelry and urns are becoming a popular way to keep a small amount of the ashes of a loved one. By using a drop of epoxy glue around the lid of the pendant you can assured that there will be no leakage.

    These cylinder bottle pendants can also be used to keep your favourite perfume, essential oils, or aromatherapy oils close by for easy access.

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