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global silver factory privacy notice

To be able to place an order with Global Silver Factory, you must first create an account and register your personal information. All of our buyers' personal information is kept STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL. Under no circumstances will Global Silver Factory share your information with third party marketing companies.
All information is kept on our secure servers and is accessed only by us for administrative purposes such as processing orders and to send you our monthly specials.

global silver factory disclosure statement


The disclosure of your personal information will occur only in special circumstances. These circumstances are if we receive a request by any law enforcement agency, or we have reason to believe that the actions of the customer may be fraudulent, and consequently we would need to give your information to one of our merchant payment providers.

global silver factory ssl secured website


Our site has an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate installed to ensure that you have a secure encrypted connection to our website when you enter your personal information. This prevents third parties from viewing your details. For more information on SSL security CLICK HERE

global silver factory monthly specials

Once a month we will email our registered customers a newsletter with informative news on all of our products and services and, of course, some great monthly online specials.
If you do not wish to recieve our monthly specials email, then you can untick the newsletter box in your account profile to unsubscribe.

global silver factory blocked ip list

For security reasons, your IP address is recorded every time you visit our website. If you find that you have been forbidden to access our site, then please contact us by email and we can review the reason that your IP address has been blocked.

global silver factory cookie information

Not all cookies are bad and in order for our e-commerce system to operate, cookies must be enabled in your web browser.
Global Silver Factory uses cookies only while you are browsing or purchasing, to track items that you have added to your shopping cart, etc. Once you leave our site, the cookies are no longer active and can easily be emptied from your browser.